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CDS2522: Creative Expression Through Physical Computing

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Creative Expression Through Physical Computing

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This unit introduces you to physical computing as a creative endeavour. Simple computers called microprocessors can sense all elements of the physical world including light, sound, heat, vision and motion. The data collected from these microprocessors can be reinterpreted and creatively expressed in software as images, animation, simulation, visualisation, video, sculpture and sound. Artists, designers and architects use this data to create new forms of expression and communication. Through a process of practical workshops you will create innovative ways to interact with and control microprocessors and the data they collect. This unit will enable you to apply the concepts and principles of designing and controlling electronic components, from concept to implementation, to express unique and engaging forms of visual, sculptural and auditory communication. In-depth studies of contemporary leaders in art, design and architecture who use creative digital technologies will contextualise the significance of physical computing in these fields.


1 - Project 1 - 15% 2 - Project 2 - 35% 3 - Project 3 - 50%


12 hours per week including 3 contact hours plus 9 hours of independent study.