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Leave No One Behind


Leave No One Behind

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Part learning program, part competition; Leave No One Behind was created to teach you the ins and outs of social business and entrepreneurship. We want you to be as prepared as possible to succeed in the real world. Regardless of whether you're a marketing whiz or standout team leader, we believe that everyone has what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. However, it takes experience to figure out how to use those skills for the greater good. So, we've sat down with leading social entrepreneurs and crafted an exciting, three-month program designed to teach you everything you'll need to change the world. Following the Social Innovation Summit, you'll form a team, and put together a business proposal. We'll run a series of workshops, and you'll finesse that proposal into a short business plan. We'll hear your pitch, and award up to $5,000 to the best concept so you can bring your idea to life.

Program details

Each year, Leave No One Behind kicks off with a Social Innovation Summit (via Zoom). It is open to all eligible students and alumni - not just those looking to enter the competition. It's a unique opportunity to learn about sustainable development and social business, and a great starting point for those wondering if the Leave No One Behind program is for them. The Summit will provide an introduction to key concepts, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and social business, and will also begin matchmaking teams. There will be presentations by industry experts, as well as some hands-on teamwork to spark new ideas and build your skills. Come with your passion and ideas - and leave with new friends, collaborators and practical tools to get started.

Program structure

Learn, create, pitch and win. We've crafted an exciting, three-month program designed to teach you everything you'll need to change the world.

Benefits of the program

Below are some of the skills you're going to learn in the Leave No One Behind program. - Teamwork - This is no school project. How will you learn to work together to achieve a shared goal? - RESEARCH - Cast your net wide and use personal experience to seek out those most in need. Identify and define a problem, and the questions you need to answer. - IDEATION - We'll push you to think outside the box, and test your concept from every angle. - PROPOSAL PLANNING - What's a formal business proposal meant to look like? What requirements do you need to consider? - PITCHING - This is a key skill when approaching investors in the real world. We'll make sure you know how to grab someone's attention - and keep it.

Eligibility requirements

If you answer 'yes' to the questions below, then we'll happily welcome your application. If you're unsure about any of the criteria, head to our FAQs page for more details. Are you a current undergraduate or postgraduate student enrolled in a degree from one of Monash's Faculties? If you are an undergraduate, have you completed one full year of studies? If you are alumni, are you within 5 years of graduation from one of the above faculties? Are you available for the full duration of the program, including the Social Innovation Summit, Team Building and Ideation Day and workshops?