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SCI2030: Indigenous science: Science through the eyes of Australia's First Peoples

Faculty of Science

Indigenous science: Science through the eyes of Australia's First Peoples

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This unit introduces you to the presence of science in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practices and shows you the amazing traditions and technology that Australias first people developed over millennia. You will develop a deeper appreciation of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and the fact that science itself is a culture. Cultural competency is now seen as a key employability skill. This unit will instil in you an understanding of how traditions (and the science that is part of them) can easily be lost when a culture or opinion is allowed to dominate at the cost of others. As such you will leave the unit with a deeper appreciation of different traditions and knowledges and better prepared to take on knew knowledge, and appreciate different views and approaches towards science. There is also a strong focus on developing your communications skills, another key employability skill. The uptake and understanding of science concepts will be assessed by how well you can articulate their ideas in a wide range of assessments.


1 - Workshop and field work associated activitie - 25% 2 - Reflection activities - 20% 3 - Assignment - 27.5% 4 - Group project - 27.5%


A total of 144 hours of work consisting of: Twelve 2-hour workshop and a field trip The remaining workload comprises preparation for class, post-class study and preparation of assessments.

Global challenges

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This unit covers content related to the following Global Challenges: