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SCI1000: Science communication to influence change

Faculty of Science

Science communication to influence change

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Multi-disciplinary science teams are often required to solve complex issues facing society, like climate change or food security. Scientists must communicate effectively with diverse audiences (e.g., from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures) and scientists from disciplines outside their own. SCI1000 will provide you with the skills essential for communicating and collaborating well. You will learn how to: Find and appropriately acknowledge scientific literature. Critically analyse scientific literature and translate its message to your readers; in a meaningful way. Communicate about science to a broad range of readers; in written, spoken, and visual form. Explore how science has evolved and assess its impact on society and the environment. Collaborate effectively with others on tasks and projects. After completing this unit, you will have gained skills essential for your studies and those highly sought after by employers in all disciplines and industry areas.


1 - Popular media article - 25% You will write a popular media article on a scientific topic, inspired by the usual format of The Conversation 2 - Infographic - 20% You will create an infographic to present a scientific topic, to a general audience. 3 - Group vodcast - 30% As a group, you will choose an aspect of the evolution and regulation of science and present this to a general audience in a vodcast format 4 - Quizzes and workshop activities - 25% Completion of quizzes and workshop activities.


2-hours of workshop activities; 4-hours of online interactive content (videos, readings, instruction and reflection) and 6-hours of completing assessments per week

Global challenges

Our Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, charts the path for how Monash will actively respond to climate change, preserving geopolitical security and fostering thriving communities over the next decade. Read more

This unit covers content related to the following Global Challenges:

Climate Change

Sustainable development goals

Adopted by the UN Member States in 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. Read more

This unit covers content related to the following SDGs:

13. Climate Action