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PSY1011: Foundations in psychology

Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Foundations in psychology

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This unit provides you with an introduction to the broad foundations of psychology as a scientific discipline. It begins with an exploration of psychology's historical origins. The unit introduces theories related to cognitive and biological psychology, and you will be familiarised with key aspects of cross-cultural psychology. Concepts related to mental health (psychological disorders, stress, motivation, emotion, etc.) will also be introduced. Finally, you will learn academic writing and presentation skills to formulate evidence-based reasoning from multiple scholarly sources.


1 - Group Debate (10 minutes) - 30% 2 - Argumentative essay (2,500 words) - 40% 3 - Weekly tests (12) - 30%


Two hours of seminars per week. Two hours of tutorials 10 times per semester. Induction tutorial: One hour in Week 1 of semester. Eight hours background reading/preparation for seminars, tutorials and assessment tasks per week.