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PRM2401: Printmaking: Screenprinting And The Contemporary Poster

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Printmaking: Screenprinting And The Contemporary Poster

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This is a studio-based unit, where you will be presented with projects involving screenprinting processes and explore the potential of image making using the analogue, digital and photographic stencil processes particular to this printmaking method. The principles of screen printing, as an expanded contemporary art and design practice, can employ the strategies of repetition and multiplicity; the print as an impression; and trace and echo. Exploration of the extension of screenprinting methods into other creative fields such as sculpture, installation, performance, textile and graphic design, will be considered. Occupational health and safety instruction relevant to the Printmaking studio will be addressed.


1 - Mid-semester assessment - 40% 2 - Final folio examination - 60%


12 hours per week including 4 contact hours plus 8 hours of independent study.