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PBH2008: Health policy and politics

Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Health policy and politics

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In this unit, students will examine the political foundations of health promotion and public health policies in Australia. They will be introduced to health policy, policy development processes and theories that underpin them. Interest groups and the challenges they pose to decision-making processes, will be discussed. The social and political impacts of health policy will be introduced, as will the jurisdictional responsibilities held by different levels of government for health policies. Preliminary concepts of power, authority and influence will be discussed. Students will learn fundamentals of the critical skills for policy analysis in the context of case studies of effective advocacy that have influenced health policy development in Australia.


1 - Group presentation (20 minutes) - 15% 2 - Critical analysis (900 words) - 15% 3 - Case study (1,800 words) - 30% 4 - Examination (2 hours and 10 minutes) - 40% Hurdle type: Threshold Hurdle description: Failure of any hurdle assessment task may result in failure of the unit.


1 hour lecture, 2 hour tutorial, 3 hours of directed online student learning activities, plus 6 hours of self-directed study per week.

Global challenges

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This unit covers content related to the following Global Challenges: