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DGN1000: Design Studio 1

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Design Studio 1

Check the Handbook for the latest unit information.


Design studio 1 is a comprehensive and immersive unit that aims to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for various design fields. The unit places a strong emphasis on collaboration and project-based learning to cultivate hybrid design competencies that extend beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. By incorporating both traditional and innovative approaches, you will actively participate in iterative design processes such as ideation, material-based experimentation, prototyping, and observation. The unit's projects are designed to stimulate personal and collective curiosity, fostering an environment that values connection, exploration, and inquiry. Through hands-on experiences and structured activities, you will have the opportunity to develop your making and design thinking capabilities. You will learn to critically reflect on your own design solutions, as well as those of your peers, in order to promote constructive and clear communication.


1 - Project 1 - 50% 2 - Project 2 - 50%


24 hours per week including 8 contact hours plus 16 hours of independent study, or equivalent.