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CHM1011: Chemistry 1

Faculty of Science

Chemistry 1

Check the Handbook for the latest unit information.


This unit has been designed such that some previous understanding of chemistry is beneficial, but the unit is underpinned by a support structure for those who are relatively new to the subject. On completion of this unit, you will have gained an understanding of the main chemical principles underpining chemical element, chemical reactivity and equilibria. A number of important topics including atomic structure, bonding and reaction stoichiometry will be introduced to prepare you for a deeper exploration of chemistry. The concepts developed within the workshops and tutorials are complemented through a laboratory program where you will have the opportunity to use a variety of analytical techniques and design your own experiments to solve a range of chemical problems.


1 - Laboratory based assessment - 30% Hurdle type:Threshold Hurdle description: Where you fail the hurdle but would have otherwise achieved a mark of 45 or above you will be awarded a mark of 45 and an NH (hurdle fail) for the unit. Where you fail the hurdle and would also have failed the unit with a mark of 44 or below, you will be awarded your mark and an N grade for the unit. Supplementary assessment is not available for the laboratory-based assessment 2 - Online assessments - 20% 3 - Examination (2 hours and 10 minutes) - 50%


Two 1-hour online video content or equivalent; One hour of directed independent study; One 2-hour workshops and One 3-hour laboratory session as scheduled per week