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BIO1022: Life on Earth

Faculty of Science

Life on Earth

Check the Handbook for the latest unit information.


This unit views the extraordinary diversity of life on Earth through the prism of evolutionary theory and in the context of human and environmental health. You will examine how animals and plants, through the agents of gene mutation and natural selection, are able to adapt to new and changing environments. Diverse physiological, reproductive and behavioural solutions to life's challenges will be used to illustrate how evolutionary forces and constraints shape us and the world around us. We will then examine how interactions within and between species and with the non-living environment generate the immense ecological variety seen on Earth. Contemporary issues and the societal impact of biology will be explored by learning from world-class researchers and industry experts.You will undertake self-directed learning through the online environment. These online activities, readings and instructional videos will be complemented by face-to-face workshops where they will collaborate with peers and teaching staff to deepen their understanding of the biological concepts introduced each week. You will gain hands-on experience and develop experimental and analytical skills in the laboratory environment. Optional tutorials are available for additional learning support. This unit is ideally paired with BIO1011 and/or BIO1042.


1 - Content quizzes - Fortnightly online quizzes. - 25% 2 - Laboratory assessments - Aimed at developing your conceptual understanding and practical expertise. Supplementary assessment is not available for the laboratory component. - 30% 3 - Major assessment tasks - Two major written assessment tasks and one oral presentation (15% each). - 45%


12 hours per week which includes a combination of seminars, workshops including online pre-workshop material and 8 hours of laboratory classes.