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ATS2748: Introduction To Ancient Greek

Faculty of Arts

Introduction To Ancient Greek

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In this unit, students will study the ancient Greek language. The unit is designed to bring students with no previous knowledge of ancient Greek to a level at which they can begin to read and enjoy ancient Greek texts. Emphasis in this unit is on acquiring grammatical knowledge and on building a good vocabulary. Students will learn the Greek alphabet and begin reading Greek prose of increasing complexity, with emphasis on the Attic Greek dialect spoken and written in Athens in the 5th century BCE - the language of Plato, Thucydides, and the great Athenian playwrights.


1 - Quiz/Quizzes - 40% 2 - Translation task/s - 30% 3 - Take home final assessment - 30%


Minimum total expected workload to achieve the learning outcomes for this unit is 144 hours per semester typically comprising a mixture of scheduled learning activities and independent study. Scheduled activities may include a combination of teacher directed learning, peer directed learning and online engagement.