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ATS1338: Cracking The Language Code: English and Beyond

Faculty of Arts

Cracking The Language Code: English and Beyond

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Immerse yourself in the world of words! Every day, we're surrounded by an astonishing 100,000 of them. It's no wonder that linguistics—the scientific investigation of language—is an ever-growing field of study. In this unit, we'll focus on English as a window into the languages of the world. We'll dive into the sounds (phonology) and structure of words (morphology), and their meanings (semantics). Plus, we'll investigate how different groups of people use these language features, and how they have shaped language over time. As part of this unit, students will have the opportunity to specialise in Language and Technology, Language Learning, Education and Literacy Development, or Language and the Law. Join us to unravel the mysteries of human language and see how it impacts real life.


1 - Exercise/s - 20% 2 - Essay - 25% 3 - Exercise/s - 25% 4 - Online test - 30%


Minimum total expected workload to achieve the learning outcomes for this unit is 144 hours per semester typically comprising a mixture of scheduled learning activities and independent study. Scheduled activities may include a combination of teacher directed learning, peer directed learning and online engagement.