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AHT2031: World Wide: Art Beyond The Western Canon

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

World Wide: Art Beyond The Western Canon

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This unit offers an overview of non-Western art and exhibition histories underlined by a decolonising impulse. You will be introduced to art and visual cultures across times, places and cultures, situating art history within the broader world landscape. You will have opportunities to explore the art of regions such as Asia, the Pacific, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Indigenous art. The unit emphasises contemporary art in the globalized context, however you will have opportunities to also consider pre-modern histories of our global contemporaneity. As well as becoming broadly familiar with a range of non-Western artists and art practices, you will be introduced to important methods for thinking about world or global art (postcolonialism, alternative or parallel modernities) and their intersection with alternate cultural knowledge and other disciplines (anthropology, archaeology, museum studies). You will develop critical skills for problematising categories of Western and non-Western art, and learn to recognise the geo-politics that underpins the making of art history.


1 - Exercises - 10% 2 - Presentation - 30% 3 - Annotated bibliography - 20% 4 - Research Essay (summative task) - 40%


12 hours per week including 3 contact hours plus 9 hours of independent study, or equivalent.