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Student Futures

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Student Futures

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Student Futures is an online platform that enables students to identify and articulate key employability skills gained during their time at Monash.

Program details

Student Futures is an online platform and available 24/7.

Program structure

Student Futures focuses on nine employability skills that employers from all industries seek in well-rounded graduates. Students reflect on their employability skills gained or developed from past experiences by responding to behavioral questions followed by the STAR method. Students can conduct a regular skills evaluation to monitor the progress of their employability skills and search for opportunities to develop specific employability skills. They can also generate their own Student Futures certificate which summarizes their completed Monash activities.

Benefits of the program

Engagement with Student Futures will help students recognise and express their skills in job applications, increasing their career readiness, and optimising their employability.

Eligibility requirements

Open to all Monash University students.