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Global Think Tank (SEED)

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Global Think Tank (SEED)

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An evolution of Monash SEED's 'World Innovation Challenge', the Global Think Tank (GTT) is a program that connects students around the world in order to address a social impact issue prevalent in each university's locality. Taking place across 7 days, students will be placed into teams, and will be tasked with designing a social enterprise or not-for-profit that will seek to better a social impact issue. Students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills through a number of skill-building workshops which will be facilitated by experts from around the globe. At the program's conclusion, students will pitch their ideas to an international panel of judges. The winning team will receive a monetary prize which can then be used towards transforming their social enterprise concept into a functioning social enterprise.

Program details

GTT will educate students through peer collaboration, workshops and other opportunities. It will equip students with skills and knowledge whereby they can become instruments of positive change. In addition to this, GTT will allow students to engage in meaningful conversation about the nature of social impact and enterprise, on a global scale.

Program structure

Workshop 1: Social Impact & Social Entrepreneurship Workshop 2: Designing solutions to wicked problems Workshop 3: Business models for social enterprises Workshop 4: Pitching and Branding

Benefits of the program

Global Think Tank Intercultural Competence - Develop your ability to function effectively across cultures in an increasingly globalised world Entrepreneurship - Foster creative and diverse entrepreneurial mindsets through global collaboration Creation - Build a social enterprise from the ideation stage to functioning start-up with monetary support from Monash SEED Networking - Develop relationships with like-minded, entrepreneurial students across various universities and disciplines Interdisciplinary Skills - Integrate your knowledge and experience across a range of disciplines whilst addressing a key social problem Collaboration - Contribute your expertise towards a meaningful issue whilst working in teams of passionate individuals

Eligibility requirements

SEED is a multi-faculty club for Monash students that believe part of a successful career is the ability to create meaningful social impact. Empowering students to follow responsible business pathways in both the corporate and non-profit sphere, is at the core of our purpose.