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Net Zero Me

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Net Zero Me

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As the world transitions towards a low-carbon future, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions and sustainable practices. This course aims to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to become leaders in the fight against climate change, while promoting Monash University's commitment to responsible education. This is not just another theoretical course - we aim to empower you to take action and make a difference in the real world. Through engaging case studies, real world examples and in writing your own action plan, you will develop practical skills and insights that can be applied to real-world sustainability challenges. By the end of the course, you will not only have a deep understanding of the net zero concept but will also have the confidence and tools needed to drive change in your future careers and beyond.Moreover, the Net Zero Me course is aligned with Monash University's commitment to responsible education, ensuring that you are exposed to global sustainability issues and are equipped to become an engaged global citizen. This course is designed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and you will be encouraged to reflect on your own role in contributing to a sustainable future.

Program details

The module takes about five to six hours to complete. And you can work at your own pace, fitting modules in around your other commitments.

Program structure

As part of the Net Zero Me course, you will be asked to complete four training modules and make a commitment to a more sustainable future. With each step you take, you make a long-lasting impact on the world around you.

Benefits of the program

- Gain an understanding of net zero emissions and the tools you need to drive the transition to a sustainable future - Empower you to take action and make a difference in the real world - Foster engaged global citizenship and promote leadership in the fight against climate change.

Eligibility requirements

Open to all students